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Individual Tax Returns


Individual Resident Tax return 1040                                              $145

* Electronic filing (where applicable )                                             NO Separate fee

 Shipping and Delivery (Priority Mail)                                             $20    

first state (with federal return )                                                       free 
each additional state/city                                                              $30.00(state) and $30(city)
Schedule A (itemized tax return) 
without Job related exp. or Miscellaneous deductions                    $60
Schedule A (itemized tax return) 
with Job related exp. or Miscellaneous deductions                          Load dependent 
Schedule B (Interest and Dividends)                                              $30 and upward
Schedule C (sole prop/Home based business)                              $100.00and up ward

Schedule D                                                                                     Load dependent

Schedule E (Rental real estate)                                                             $75.00

Schedule F (Farming)                                                                            $75.00

Educational credits form 8863                                                               $30.00

Dependent Day care form 2441                                                             $30.00

First time home buyers schedule A                                                         $30.00

Home sale proceeds                                                                               $60

Sales and Use tax filings                                                                         $250.00

1040NR Non-resident alien /*F1 student returns/Amended returns    $145.00

each additional state/city    (1040NR)                                                     $30.00(state) and $3025(city)

Home sale proceeds                                                                               $60.00

ITIN application package/guidance (per application)                              $75.00

Foreign Tax credit(1116)/income exclusion ( form 2555)                         $30.00/ $60 respectively

Verification of Third party returns                                                             $250.00 

Tax Planning ( Entertained only in the Non-Tax season)                         $200/hr

FBAR filings(deadline is april 15) Form Fincen 114              $60/per 4 bank a/cs

Form 8938                                                                             $100/ 4 bank a/cs

Corporation returns
1120/1120S/1065/1041/990/706/790 ---- Starts at $500.00/1 hr appt. and $200/ additional hour. Each additional state $150

Incorporation of a company                       $500+ Government filing                                                                          

Payroll processing Fee schedule
1) Pay roll service fee                                                                      $40/per payroll
+ per employee (upto 5 employees)                                       add $4.00/employee
1) Pay roll service fee                                                                      $45/per payroll
+ per employee (6-10 employees)                                          add $5.00/employee
1) Pay roll service fee                                                                      $60/per payroll
+ per employee (11-25 employees)                                        add $5.00/employee
1) Pay roll service fee                                                                    $100/per payroll
+ per employee (26-50- employees)                                       add $6.00/employee

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